Racing is only a bit of what we offer at MCIK. Look at what else is available:


Have fun with your friends as you play through our indoor mini-golf course. Get ready for some surprises when you get to a hole with a “mischief spinner”.

  • $7.00 per person
  • $5.00 per person (5 and under)
  • $5.00 per person w/any racing same day
  • Or add to any organized event!

Racing Simulators:

Race head-to-head with a friend or against a full grid of AI drivers!

  • $15.00 per person for a 12-minute session

HD Golf/Multi-Sport Simulator:

Play a full 18 holes of golf on real-life courses, use the driving range, jump in some target practice games, or play other sports such as hockey, soccer, shooting and more!

  • $60.00/hr on weekdays
  • $75.00/hr on weekends

RC Car Track:

Bring your own RC car or rent one of ours! We have a track dedicated for rentals and a club track + drift track for RC car owners.

  • $15.00 per person for a 10-minute session for RC rentals
  • $10.00 per person for a second race
  • $10.00 per person for a 3-hour track rental (club racing)
  • $20.00 per person for all day track rental (club racing)